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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  October 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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new video of persons of interest. tonight officer randolph holder was shot and killed. and fire tears through a landmark synagogue. the one thing saved from the burning building. but first -- >> a storm of historic proportions. hurricane patricia makes landfall in mexico. right now it's anyone's guess what we will see in the morning. good evening. thmpblts is the strongest hurricane on record to make landfall on the pacific coast. a category five. powerful enough to lift up cars, destroy homes and sweep people away. >> millions have no choice but to ride it 0 out. a hurricane twice as strong as superstorm sandy that devastated the state. >> powerful images already coming in. >> reporter: hurricane patricia
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from the resorts of manzanillo and puerto vallarta. the u.s. weather service said it was the strongest storm recorded in the western hemisphere. residents tried to protect their homes and the many u.s. and canadian tourists that vacation in the area trying 0 to get out or make their way to shelters to ride out the storm. >> so we were evacuated from our hotel this morning for the hurricane. came to this convention center and then they said it is not a safe place. center. >> reporter: people in puerto vallarta were surprised by the storm on tuesday to a huge hurricane today. >> a little worried, yeah. little nervous. probably nerve 0ous, i don't know. curious what it will look like. i guess hopeful that it's going to turn out good. >> reporter: the national weather service said winds were
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prompting authorities to to declare a state of emergency and open shelters. there are 7 million people in the area. the national hurricane center predicts the storm will lose intensity once it hits mexico' interior mountain but may contribute to flooding in texas. >> dave price has been tracking patricia all day and looking at the impact it will have on the u.s. dave? >> here's the latest information we have. let's take this graphic full screen. i'm going to get out of the way and tell you what we know right now. the storm currently 50 miles southeast of puerto vallarta. it is working north northeast at 20 miles an hour. winds died down significantly at 130 miles an hour. this is a dangerous storm. it is still, again, tracking to the north, northeast. at this point, it will lose more strength over the mountains of mexico and then begin its journey across the plain states,
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absolutely right in to the northeast. what that means for us is an inch to ann an inch and a quarter of rain. the question is timing for us. whether that is wednesday or thursday. badly needed rain for us. devastating results for mexico. we will talk more about the storm in a while in the full forecast. thank you. tonight a group from stanford is getting ready to head to mexico to offer emergency relief from hurricane patricia. americares is working to distribute supply and medicine in the area. over the next two days a team of people will travel to mexico to theed need. the group also provides assistance to health facilities in those damaged areas. >> we have a long track record of staying beyond the disaster to help get those health facilities up and running. they provide a backbone of service to people in those communities and they need their health restored so we take a
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close look at that as well. >> reporter: they respond to 30 disasters worldwide every year. of course we are closely monitoring the situation in mexico. wake up with today in new york beginning at 6:00 a.m. gus rosendale, and i will be there. we will have upnight developments and a look at the damage. the destruction that had people staring in disbelief watching with as flames gutted a landmark synagogue. natalie pasquarella is live in new brunswick, new jersey with the inferno that claimed a piece of history today. natalie? >> reporter: tonight fire investigators are behind me trying to find out what caused this hiss tore tick synagogue to go up in flames a short time before friday services. from chopper 4 you see firefighters battling the intense flames at the landmark poile zedek synagogue this afternoon. >> it is sad because i know it is an historic building.
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on the second and third floors and the they said when they tried to clear it heavy flames came out of the windows and roof. one person was inside that made it 0 out. okay spotted the fire getting it under control in two hours. >> i thank god there have been no injuries to anyone, firefighter or otherwise and at this point we will start our investigation, take our time and get it right. >> reporter: these are photos of the historic synagogue before the blaze, posted on its website. built in 1923 it was added to the national register of historic places this is what it looks like now a burned out shell. tonight, a faith community left in shock and the whole community feeling their pain. >> walk by here every day. we'd see the families coming in. it's -- our heart goes out to them. >> reporter: fire officials told me they were able to get one torah out of the synagogue before the fire took over.
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trouble see what could have sparked it n. new brunswick, news 4 new york. a cab hit a man in brooklyn. the pedestrian died at the scene. the driver of the car stayed and talked to the police and so far no arrest has been made. new information about that huge apartment fire in passaic we restauranted ported on earlier this week. no alarms went off before or during the fire. we learned in july the city inspected the alarms after a water leak damaged the system. we're told the problem was corrected. it's not clear why the alarms didn't go off on wednesday. three firefighters were hurt and hundreds of people have been displaced. a spokesman for the city says the firefighters are all in good condition recuperating at home. they are being called persons of interest. three men captured on video moments before nypd officer randolph holder was shot and killed. now the police need your help in
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written e brynn gingras has a look. >> reporter: we have been reporting to you this investigation is far from over. police have released this video wanting to talk to these three men because they believe they were with, or near howard moments before he allegedly shot officer holder. >> reporter: three men walking casually down the street, all wearing blue and white. man on the right is laughing. the bright lights of police cruisers flashing in the background. this video shot moments before police say nypd officer randolph holder was gunned down by tyrone howard. police want to know who these three men are and if they are involved in a gun bat with tle that sparked the chain of deadly events. >> they should be accountable for it as well. >> why do you say that? >> community members want to know who they are too. this as they continue to pay
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>> i've seen him patroling on my community where live at it and is a very good officer, very respectful and quiet. >> 30-year-old howard is behind bars on the mird charge. it is unclear if more arrests are coming. the mayor wants to reform bail laws. >> no more new yorkers should have to pay the price for errors in our laws. >> reporter: in east harlem police hope different angles of the three men leaving the scene of shots fired will help identify who they are. >> if you recognize them give police a call. before with i wrap up, i want to tell you that three bus loads just arrived here at psa 5. and members of fbi academy went inside. dozens of men giving condolences. of course the memorial continues to grow. an outpouring of support. brynn gingras, news 4 new york.
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>> thank you for that. in connecticut, fairfield police are trying to hunt down the person who called in today's bogus bomb threats to multiple schools in that city. the hoax turned the entire day upside down for thousands of people. 17 fairfield school buildings placed on lockdown while students, teachers and parents waited for the all clear. students were sent home early. police said they found no evidence the threats were credible but of course they had to take it seriously. >> when we receive information, we respond as if it were to be true until facts and circumstances will dictate that it is not true. >> reporter: fairfield's school superintendent has posted a notice on the district's website saying that counseling will be available for any student who may need it on monday. all schools are expected to open on monday morning.
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friends said good-bye to a girl killed by bullet that went through her home. hundreds attended her funeral. faces etched by the grief and confusion that comes with the loss of someone so young. >> very mad and sad and didn't know why. you are like she is my girl scout sister. it's sad to see her go. >> why? why did this happen? her life was cut short for no reason. >> the killer son the loose. police are looking in to whether gang activity led to her shooting and whether someone in the house was the real tar gempblts crews are going to be working in to the night to repair a water main break that sent thousands of gallons of water surging in to a queens neighborhood. check out this geyser at a construction site at queens boulevard. construction crews hit that main by accident. water flooded the streets and surged in to homes and
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businesses and impact underground subway service as well. news 4 learned the crews may have violated a partial stop work order. for now the water has been turned off but residents and business owners are still dealing with the mess left behind. coming up, as we continue on news 4, sudden impact. if you got stuck in gridlock today this may be why. a school bus slammed in to a big rig. what happened then? a major headache if you take l.i.r.r. this weekend. what you need to know. and a wanted man with a taste for fine wine.
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a school bus driver is expected to survive an accident in new jersey. it slammed in to tractor-trailer. the big ring rig parked along 35. there were no students on the bus. route 35 south was closed for several hours after the crash. tonight, we are getting a look at a man who police say groped a woman at yankees stadium. >> take a look. here he is. this is the man police want to find. a woman says this man grabbed her bottom while she was inside the great hall on september 25th. police say he was a guest in one of the stadium boxes. if you recognize him, they would like to hear from you. a limo driver involved in a crash that killed four women on long island plans to sue lawyers have filed a notice of claim. they believe dangerous conditions were to blame for the accident. he and his lawyer say he
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suffered severe injuries. if you plan to ride the long island railroad this weekend you may want to plan ahead or make alternate plans . in the m.t. a is suspending service for construction work. checky checkey beckford has what you need to know. >> reporter: you better get here an hour early. that's how much it could add to the trip for riders. some l.i.r.r. customers may want to put the brake on weekend plans them railroad shutting down service 2009 between mineola and hicksville over the weekend to rebuild the bridge in westbury. it could affect 40,000 riders. >> i heard about it and thought it would be a huge inviens for people. >> i was planning to go to a party this saturday. that is disappointing. >> reporter: the port jefferson and ronkonkoma lines will be most affected with customers
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warned it could take an extra hour each way and system wide, all branches could see delays. shuttle buses will transport people between mineola and hicksville. >> i have friends in hicksville and it makes life difficult. i'm not sure they plan these things well. >> reporter: the l.i.r.r. president said the weekend is the best time to get the work done. >> we do it around the clock over the course of a weekend to impact as few as possible. >> reporter: the railroad promises the second weekend shut down tied to the bridge project will be the last. customers are counting on it. officials say one of these specialized schedules or check on the l.i.r.r. west side for the latest update schedules. they believe the closures will be lifted long before the monday morning rush hour commute. news 4 new york. we have a commuter alert for metro-north riders tonight. service is limited until 10:00
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construction on the tappan zee bridge. workers are installing a a ton birder above the tracks. we have a consumer alert involving a popular toy. you are probably familiar with build a bear, right? 34,000 build a bears are being taken off the shelves because of a potential choking had ard. it covers the star bright dragons. the satin seam can open up allowing the stuffing to be exposed. you can return it to any build a bear workshop or get a store credit for refund. . the latest on hurricane patricia and our weather. >> we are still looking at the update we got within the last hour or so. it looks like this storm is losing strength rapidly. keep in mind it was a category five storm. we will talk about it in just a moment. move over to the weather wall. the late e information is now 50
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miles south-southeast of puerto vallarta and hurricane-force winds extend 35 miles from the center. in our area, as we look outside, beautiful conditions. partly cloudy skies. as odd as it sounds, we will be the beneficiary of the awful weather right now affecting the coastline of mexico. we are tracking it all. we will keep an eye on it as it rolls through the next 12 to 18 hours. before tomorrow is done it will be a tropical storm again. so in 30 hours, basically went from a tropical storm to a category five storm and in the span of another 24 hours right back to a tropical storm. amazing. cool temperatures and weekend rain for us. and then precipitation rolls in our direction as we head in to next week courtesy of hurricane patricia. 48 sheepshead bay. 45 ocean side. and 46 in staten island. temperatures around the area cooler north and west in poughkeepsie poughkeepsie, sussex and morristown, as well.
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we talked about the storm. it rolled in to the coast. category four. expecting upwards of a foot of rain n. some areas 20 inches. it will lose strength over the mountains in mexico and then it has a long journey to us. by tomorrow afternoon, it's back to a low pressure system or a tropical storm. we'll don't watch and see how rapidly it loses steam. now, for us, we are going to get to saturday and see increasing clouds throughout the afternoon. overnight, the clouds thicken and sunday morning we wake with up most likely to rain throughout the area. the good news is, a quarter of an inch out of it and by the afternoon we dry out again. if you are making weekend plans, tomorrow is the better day to get out and enjoy the outdoors. it will be cool and crisp but nice and pleasant. 42 degrees will be tonight's low. 30ed in the suburbs, as you can imagine. northeast winds seven to 12 miles an hour. we have a freeze -- excuse me, i should say a frost advisory in
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effect for eastern suffolk unty. keep that in mind for tomorrow morning. as soon as the sun comes up we are through that. 58 for tomorrow's high. little cooler than we have seen. and over the next seven days, we are going to see temperatures back to where they typically should be at this time of the year. remember, our first chance of rain is sunday during the morning hours. monday and tuesday, we have lovely weather. wednesday and thursday, this is the big question. not how much rain we're going to get because we imagine it will be between an inch and a inch and a half. but the question is timing. there's a long journey from mexico to here. we're still not sure as to when we get the rain but it is much >> thank you. >> thank you. and john's going to tell us what is coming up in sports. high drama. >> mother nature wants the alcs to drag out. we need to get the rain delay going. we will tell you about that. because we need to know who the mets will play.
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at citi field the mets had time to kill before the world series starts. will the rest help or hurt? that's the question. mets think they can take down the unbeaten patriots on sunday.
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dramatic images out of texas. part of a parking garage collapsed in dallas and crushed cars between the lower decks. several residents of the building said it sounded like a plane crash. remarkably nobody was hurt. significant amount of rain fell this the area today. it's not clear if this collapse is weather related. this thief apparently has a taste for fine wine. he is wanted for stealing pricey bottles from businesses across the northeast. police identified him. they think he is 25-year-old scott deluca. he grabs a battle of $200 bottle of wine and gets in to a tug of war after the clerk says you are not getting away with that but he did. if you know his whereabouts give police a call.
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well, if you are waiting to hear who the mets will play in the world series, so are the rest of us, john. >> it will take a while. the mets have to figure out
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a couple of aces have started and won. he is concerned that degrom is fatigued. mets had a workout at fi field. look at who's in the cage. irbe took batting practice this afternoon. the rest will help if the wants to make the roster. no one wants to see murphy take off. the hottest player on the planet but the manager isn't worried about time off for murphy. >> he's feeling good about himself and he should. the confidence feeks. when you are seeing the ball like he is right now, i'm not sure how to affect it. i've never seen anyone that hot before. >> we are fortunate to have taken care of our business quick. to be honest it helps the guys banged up.
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i think we take the positives and look at those. the world series will start on tuesday, either in kansas city or toronto. they are trying to figure this this out. game six of the alcs right now is a good one and in a rain delay. it included a controversial home run that may have been fan interference. the jays batista homered twice and tied the game at three. what a game it is. bottom of the 8th. tarp on the field currently in the rain delay. we have spent every day this week dissecting met jets and patriots. only so much time to talk about it. the only statement should worry with about is the one they intend to make on sunday. the patriots the league's top scoring offense. the jets will get buster back. he's probably though not yet cleared to play. that's trending in the right
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round two on sunday with odell beckham jr. is questionable. the way the giant lost to open the season tom coughlin doesn't like to dwell on it much. >> other than the fact that the way in which the game unfolded, the plus three and losing a game is -- you know, that's the one i grind on. of course two defensive plays that amounted to 14 points which was terrific. other than that, you know, you know the physical game we're in for. there's no change in that. >> they can put week one out of sight and mind. mets have some time on their hands and took in hockey at barkley center. front row seats. there you would give them to babe ruth, too. late second period, isles can't clear the pocket. 3-2 lead for boston and the bruins win 5-3 over the
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i'm not sure we should put murphy on ice. >> line of fire.
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